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Top 5 Tools for Product Design that Every Designer Should Have

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 13 Jun, 2024

Quick Summary: Are you designing a digital product? You must be looking to build it visually appealing, matching trends and the one that users find easy to use. That’s where design tools create differences by establishing brand consistency and recognition. With design tools, you can not just design functional digital products but also create positive brand perception while giving you a competitive edge over your competitors in the market. Hence, if you are looking for best design tools for your design projects, this article helps you add some good and helpful tools in your lists. Let’s explore.

When it comes to creating digital projects, design tools are crucial. It not just makes your projects look good but also keeps your customers engaged and satisfied. A good design creates an effective user journey map, allowing your potential customers to complete tasks with ease. When you successfully satisfy your customers, it can boost conversion, increasing web traffic and attracting customers. Tools can do a lot, design your desired product and set a difference.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the top and quality driven design tools, helping you design websites that create a positive impact on users. The design tools which we have selected to discuss include;

Adobe XD

Top Product Design Tools with Overviews

There are hundreds of product design tools in marketing, but you will not use all of them. There may be 5, 7, or 10 design tools that you prefer to use. However, with the advent of smart innovations, there are various AI-powered tools for designers to use best. Here, we have reviewed the top 7 product design tools that are crucial and every designer should know about.


Figma is the first in our list, not because it’s the most popular one but because it’s the most crucial with comprehensiveness. Whether you want to create an appealing UX design, prototyping, why Remi or others this design is the best option for you to begin your design project to the next level. It’s not just for designers, even export like product managers, writers and developers can make the best use of this top feature of this design to include;
Real time collaborations so a number of experts can work on the same project.
It’s easy to use and share files and documents with Team and climbs. A simple sign in can help them access any file they want and even collaborate simultaneously.
Comprehensive tools to help you create effective prototypes start with white framing or as your clients demand.

Some of the top features of Figma design tool include;

  • Collaboration
  • Prototyping
  • Design systems
  • Vector Graphics
  • Artboards And Frames
  • Responsive Design
  • User Testing And Feedback
  • Plugins And Integrations
  • Auto Layouts and more.


Balsamiq is the best productivity design helping designers create low-fidelity wireframes quickly. Designers use this tool for creating high quality UI for the product. With simple visual representations Designer can create or generate digital sketches to validate their ideas or design concept.

Top Features of Balsamiq

  • Drag and drop to quickly draw prototype
  • Pre-made widgets to design effective screen
  • Real time collaboration for productive work in one space
  • Open source library to access range of designs submitted by designers on the platform

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is the most used and effective user interface (UI) design tool, widely used for creating web pages and mobile application interfaces. Designers` can create outstanding user interfaces, not just for Dave and Mobile, but also can create wire frames, prototypes, and even create templates samples layouts. Apart from all these XD can help design team collaborate, work together on projects and allow companies to update real time updates to UI/UX projects.. These are crucial for many purposes, all it has complex features for advanced learner that only a veteran UI/UX designers can handle.

Top features of Adobe XD

Allows creating effective prototyping that can be shared with clients and other stakeholders.

  • Adobe XT also support creating three dimensions (3D)
  • easy integration with other Adobe products
  • Jira integration to allow users use XD cloud Content APIs


As the name suggests, Sketch is a vector based design tool primarily used for creating appealing UI and UX for digital products. When you have a digital product requiring mockups, wireframes, and prototypes, Sketch is considered an industry standard tool for design. They are crucial for a team to enhance their productivity, and creativity. Basically, it’s a design and prototyping tool used for various purposes, including collaboration, and designing customizable user interfaces.

Features of Sketch Design Tool

  • Create effective mock-ups for design projects
  • Designers can share their work in real time and create libraries for components for others to use
  • Create responsive design to make design projects usable across devices
  • Vector graphics with Sketch is easy and usable
  • Can create layer styles using Sketch


InVision, is its design tool effectively used as a platform, helping designers create effective prototyping and collaboration with the team. The tool is a good choice for creating designs for a variety of projects, including web and mobile. Designers can explore user experience design for products with drag and drop features.

Top features of InVision

Prototyping, align designers, create interactive mockups, showing of the design product
Design presentation to Help designers communicate effectively with clients and other stakeholder
Drag and drop feature to add attributes, such as photos, design, elements, gallery, design elements, and drawings


Axure RP is an effective design tool that helps designers create realistic prototypes and bring effectiveness to design product. Companies basically use this design tool to improve their digital product design. Axure RP is the most popular design known for its rich functionalities and visual details. Designers use this tool for creating low and high fidelity wireframes, mock ups without requiring traction and present proof of concept.

Top features of Axure

  • Drag and drop quality prototypes
  • Range of Widgets To help designers, create working forms, sortable grids, and UI
  • Browser base prototype without coding
  • Multistate containers for creating effective pop-ups and creating design that is scrollable and swipable


Marvel is a cloud base design tool, helping designers, create injected, prototypes, and wireframes. Marvel is crucial in design that helps streamline design to prototype experience. Designers use this product design tool to ensure a cohesive final product. Marvel is a tool available on android, iOS, Linux, macOS, chrome, OS, and others.

Top features of marvel design tool

Prototyping to help designers create interactive prototypes for multi devices
Effective collaboration to allow design team share and collaborate on projects
Third-party integration, design team to integrate various third-party tools, including Jira, Dropbox Paper, Ballpark, etc.

Final Thoughts

Design tools are crucial for creating practical design projects. You need to explore, test, and utilize them before selecting the right tool. Apart from this, this article has explored the top design tools for the project, though there can be various others to explore. Take expert guidance before selecting the right tool. We at TheFinch Design help businesses design effective UI and UX for digital projects, irrespective of industry. We know which tool to use and for what purposes. Connect with us today, and let us bring your design idea to life.


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