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Best UI UX Design Agencies to Work with in 2024

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 16 Jul, 2024

Quick Summary: Apart from expertise, partnering with the right UI/UX design agency can help you create outstanding designs for your project. So, have selected your desired design company for your project in 2024? If not, we have done it for you. We have given a list and guide for the best design agency to hire in 2024. Let’s explore;

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) have become the cornerstones for new-age businesses to achieve success in online business. Modern clients are more focused on having expertise and exploring the benefits of hiring skilled UI/UX designers. But, with skills, you need stability and high-quality end results and that’s the reason most smart clients choose to hire a UI/UX design agency with excellent expertise in their desired field instead of opting for individual experts.

In this article, We have simplified your task to the maximum by helping you not just with a list of top UI/UX design agencies in USA and India but also guiding everything with respect to design agencies, such as what is a design agency, what they do, and why you need to hire a design agency. Without giving much space to other stuff, let's come straight to the point.

List of the Top UI/UX Design Companies In The World

Various UI/UX design agencies claim to be offering the best design services. But, not all design agencies are the same as they claim, you need to evaluate them and select them based on your own findings. We have suggested some of the top design agencies offering quality services. The list of the best design agencies is defined based on our research and some suggestions from experts. Hope you find them helpful.

TheFinch Design

TheFince Design, as the name suggests, is a creative design agency, providing researched, trending, and high-quality design services to clients worldwide. The design agency offers quality UI UX design services at competitive prices. They have designed multiple products and have an extensive range of portfolios that showcase their quality works. They have a large team, world-class infrastructure, modern design tools, and skills in designing the best product in a diverse range of niches. The design services, TheFince Design offers, include;

Services They Provide

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Design Audit
  • Usability Testing
  • UX Research
  • Digital Branding
  • Design System
  • Interaction Design
  • Digital Prototyping

Why Do Clients Choose to Partner with Us?

Dedicated resources: We allocate dedicated resources who give 100% of their time on a single project.

Proven methodology: We use proven project design methodologies, such as agile and sprint to maintain consistent delivery.

Quality assurance: We design web and mobile applications and websites that set your brand identity apart from others while keeping your business thriving.

Flexibility: Change in project scope in the ongoing project is a challenge for many companies, but we provide this flexibility to our clients.

We work with clients, not for them: We understand your business by getting under your shoes and then we research the market and target audience and that’s how we achieve your goal.

Explore our Portfolio

UX studio

Based in Europe, UX Studio offers high-quality design services to global customers. They are well known for delivering tailored services using agile methodologies. If you have a complex design project and budget is not an issue, you can connect with UX studio with your project. They offer a range of services, from UI/UX research and design to testing.

Design Services They Provide

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Product Design


Even though Clay offers design services worldwide, if you are around San Francisco, California, then this is the design agency for you. Clay is a big name in the design industry with a great reputation. They provide a range of services including UI/UX design and digital product design to enterprise software design and user research and testing.

Design Services Provided by Clay

  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • Enterprise Software Design
  • User Research and Testing

They have worked on various projects, though must explore their portfolios before making a final call. As they claim, they are good at designing enterprise-grade products.


Established in Palo Alto, California in 1991, Ideo is a big name in the UI/UX design sector. The company has collaborated with various high-profile clients, like Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, and others. The design company is a good choice for you if you have big projects with a good budget. The company provides a range of design services, including, design, capability building and strategy.

  • Services You can Expect
  • Design
  • Capability Building
  • Strategy

Halo Lab

Ukraine-based UI/UX design agency with development and balancing services, Halo Lap is next on our list for you. The company operates from three different time zones and provides services globally. Specializing in full-stack design and development, Halo Lab is trusted by top industry leaders and enterprise-level companies. The company has strength over 130+ professionals. They offer services to startups, and e-Commerce while collaborating with various platforms and domains. They offer a range of services in design, development, prototyping, UX audit and more.

Find Services at Halo Lab

  • Design
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • UX Audit
  • UX Research

Onething Design

With 250+ projects, 5+ awards, and 25+ industries, Onething Design Studio is the most popular design agency in the tech arena. The design agency specializes in creative design and is trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide. They are known for cost-effective services and can best fit all types of design projects. You can go through their project portfolios before you make any decision. You can also find reviews from independent review sites, like Clutch and others. The provides a range of design services, including UX research, audit, design, strategies creation and more.

Onething Design Services

  • UX research
  • UX Audit
  • Design
  • Strategies
  • Branding
  • Content

These are the top 7 design agencies that we found useful, albeit there are hundreds of other good design agencies that can help you design your products. You can research them based on your preferences. The list we have provided here is our finding and we will continue to develop the list as find any suitable for this list.


Neuronux is the top-rated UI/UI Design Agency with core expertise in strategizing, designing, and future-proofing the user experience of digital products. They have vetted UI/UX experts and a range of portfolios for different industries. Their clients range from advertising and CRM devices for the medical sector to workflow and other health apps.

Neuronux Services

  • Product Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • DesignOps

If you have a design project to be created from scratch, this company is your best choice.

Fantasy Co

Fantasy is the world’s leading design agency, creating unimaginable digital experiences. They offer comprehensive services, from strategy to execution, using the top test red “Think Beyond” process. They worked on various Fortune 500 companies, including the digital ecosystem, powering top business websites of the world, UFC, Academy Museum of Motion Picture, and more.

What They Do

  • Create Ecosystem
  • Operating System
  • Mobility
  • Vision & Strategy
  • B2B Platform
  • Healthcare app design

They have worked for various industries and designed unique products for Tesla, htc TCG, and others.

Fuselab Creative

The design agency promises to turn your data into intelligent digital products. The company maintains a wide range of clients from different sectors, from finance and private sector to healthcare and government. With expertise in comprehensive design, the agency provides unparalleled services.

Services offered by fuselab creative

  • Digital Product Design
  • Digital Product Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • UX/UI Consulting
  • UX Research
  • Design Systems
  • Design Experimentation
  • Dashboard Development
  • All Design Services

What Is A UI/UX Design Agency?

In one line, it’s a company that designs your Digital product, whether it is mobile apps, websites, or web applications. In detail, a UI/UX design agency is a firm with vetted UI/UX designers, set up, and resources to ensure your product is designed perfectly and delivered on time. They have a team that includes, project managers, a team leader, separate UI and UX designers, and other required members to help in a design project.

While the UI team works on designing the user interface of the project, the UX team focuses on the user experience part. They collaborate with each other including front front-end development team to deliver the best results. In short, when you hire a design agency for your project, you get a comprehensive design for your project and they have a research team to ensure design trends are kept in mind while crafting your product.

What Does A UX Agency Do?

A UX (User Experience) Agency is a company that creates intuitive interfaces and designs attractive layouts that are easy to use for modern websites, web and mobile applications, and other digital products. UX agencies will develop websites and applications based on your needs and contemporary trends that help the user have the best experience. UX agency will conduct a wide range of activities, which includes User Research, Persona Development, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Accessibility testing, Interaction Design, Content Strategy, Performance Monitoring, Documentation, Continuous Improvement of the Product and User Feedback Analysis. They will build and test simple models of the final product to show how it looks and works.

What Do UI/UX Design Companies Do?

A UI/UX design agency designs your project keeping your requirements in mind. Based on your and your business needs, the design firm helps you craft user interfaces and user experience. apart from this, the design agency offers a range of design services which you can choose as you need.

UX Design: UX design refers to creating user experience, such as designing features, functionalities, navigation, etc. after conducting extensive user research, creating a user persona, testing, and more.

UI Design: The user interface brings your UX vision to life as it ensures everything is visualized perfectly. They are focused on graphics, typography, branding, and more to create a cohesive experience.

Heuristic Analysis: If you have existing products, the design agency with its Heuristic analysis will help you evaluate their usability and accessibility.

Design Audit: A design audit ensures identifying the areas of improvement after analyzing your current digital products and presence.

Usability Testing: The design agency identifies roadblocks, gaps, and issues in the products after observing how real users interact with your product. Once they have the issue, they optimize the user experience and create products that meet their requirement.

UX Research: The UX expert before creating a user experience for your product, researches the market, users, and trends.

Digital Branding: The design team ensures to build a cohesive brand identity that connects your target audiences and market with your products.

Design System: To maintain design consistency throughout the project, design agencies, create various sets of reusable components which can be used across design projects.

Interaction Design: The expert designers ensure how users should interact with your product, in terms of usability, such as scroll, swipe, or voice commands.

Digital Prototyping: A UI UX design agency creates prototyping to validate their design idea.

Why Hire A UX Design Agency?

When you have a product to design, you often get overwhelmed with the idea if you should hire an individual designer (freelancer) or hire UI UX design agency. We often suggest that before you make any final decision, explore your requirements, including budget. For example, if you have a budget constraint, we suggest them to hire an individual designer and get your problem solved. However, you may have to ensure you are connecting with the right designer. Instead of hiring a freelance designer, you can talk to your design agency like TheFinch Design and ask for Dedicated UI/UX Designers to work on projects. Many design agencies, like us, must be offering experienced individual designers at the cost of hiring freelancers.

Besides, if budget is not an issue, we suggest they look at their project. If it is a small and not crucial part of your product, you can connect with a freelancer and get the job done. However, if you have a large project and something that is very important for your project, then you must hire a UI/UX design agency. Here are some of the top reasons you should opt for a design agency.

There are many benefits of hiring a UI/UX design agency;

  • Quality product design and services
  • Save time and costs
  • Provides products with better and fresh perspectives
  • Help you stay ahead of the curve

These are some of the basic benefits of hiring a design agency for your projects. You can evaluate more after making an inquiry with a freelance designer and an agency. You will find the difference.

Why should you partner with a UI/UX Design Agency?

UI/UX Design Agency has all kinds of skilled designers and researchers with professional knowledge of design best practices. They focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and ensure high user satisfaction and engagement. They make fresh design ideas according to market trends and technologies. Here are some of the top reasons you should partner with top UI/UX design agency;

  • Creating an appealing user experience
  • Understanding user needs and implementing
  • Conducting user experience UX research
  • Leveraging design trends

They will give us comprehensive services covering everything from product research to final usability testing, ensuring an integrated and cohesive approach to design and user experience. Partnering with them will be cost-effective as they will avoid costly design mistakes and provide a high return on your investment through efficient and effective design solutions.

How Much Does UI/UX Design Agency Charge for Their Work?

Typically, the average UI/UX design costs can range between $5,000–$10,000 for standard product design, $10,000–$50,000 for medium-scale design projects, and $50,000+ for enterprise-grade design projects.

Apart from this, a UI/UX Agency will charge for design projects based on the scope and size of the projects. They will consider their pricing according to the number of Web pages and number of users. They can charge hourly rates, i.e., based on time spent, which may vary according to the location and expertise.

They can also set a total project cost, i.e., fixed pricing based on estimated time and resources. Other forms of pricing include Value-Based Pricing, i.e., pricing according to the project’s value of the client, Set Monthly fees for ongoing Work, which ensures continuous support and updates, and additional service charges for research, testing, and revisions, which includes content creation and strategy work.

How to Choose a UI/UX Design Agency?

Choosing a UI/UX Design Agency is one big task, as many agencies are in the market. You must clearly outline what you need from the agency. You can choose the agency by reviewing its portfolio and experience. This will give you an idea of their capabilities and their working style. You can also check the client's reviews and testimonials. This will provide clear insights into the agency’s reputation and client satisfaction. You can also inquire about their process and methodology, as this will ensure their transparency, efficiency, and quality in delivering the projects.

You can check their team expertise, as they should have a diverse team of designers, researchers, and developers who can collaborate effectively on your project. Last but not least is the budget and cost. You should inquire about the agency’s price and the services they offer for the project and compare that with your cost so that you can make an informed decision.

Final thoughts

We are a leading UI/UX design agency in India and the USA, with an extensive range of design services for global businesses. We are providing design services to a range of clients, from startups and entrepreneurs to enterprises. With this list, we aim to help you explore the best design companies of your choice, albeit we offer a comprehensive range of design services, irrespective of your industry. You can connect with us if have any product to design or if want consultation for your new product idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses need user experience design so much?

UX design will make the websites and apps easy to use and work smoothly. The businesses' sales will boost as the final product looks extraordinary due to its attractive interface and will be user-friendly for their respective customers.

Why should I work with a user experience agency?

Working with a UX Agency will ensure your website and app are designed according to your users' minds by improving their usability and satisfaction. They have all the expertise in research, design, and development.

What features should I look for in a top UI/UX design company?

You can look for many things while hiring a top UI/UX design agency. However, you must explore their portfolios, processes, and team expertise. You may also consider asking about their engagement models, design tools they use, and many others.

How can I trust a UX/UI design company?

You can trust a UX/UI design company by checking their online reviews and client testimonials. You can look for a company with a proven record of delivering successful projects on time.

What other services does a UI/UX design agency offer?

UI/UX design agencies often offer services such as Product Research according to the customer needs, time-to-time product testing, prototyping before the development, and Content Writing. They can also provide testing services for existing interfaces.


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