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Revolutionizing Real Estate Management in Dubai – Zomaq

Zomaq is a cutting-edge web application specifically designed to address the complex challenges faced by real estate investors and property agencies in Dubai and UAE. Equipped with a comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, Zomaq becomes the holistic solution for efficiently managing multiple properties, tracking transactions, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements amidst policy changes.

Please note that some of the intellectual property rights for this project are owned by Zomaq, and we are simply demonstrating our capabilities as a UI/UX design agency.
  • IndustryReal Estate
  • Duration3 Months
  • ServiceProduct Design
  • PlatformWeb App
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Managing multiple properties efficiently, all-at-once with complete visibility and compliance is no small feat. Mounting expenses and hiring individual managers for each property often proves inadequate. This has led real estate investors and property agencies struggle in tracking transactions, maintaining documentation and ensuring timely maintenance. This poses a significant challenge for investors who need comprehensive overview of their property portfolios

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After studying the market and the industry, our team understood that the solution would need a powerful suite of features that empowers property management agencies to centrally monitor activities and transactions.

The key features of Zomaq included

1. Centralized Property Management: Building the solution using a Central Database that would act as the single source of truth for all transactions. This led investors to conveniently manage all their properties in one place. In addition, users can add and assign multiple properties to designated property managers, streamlining communication and coordination

2. Financial Tracking and Reporting: Each activity and corresponding transaction based on automated workflows allows Zomaq users to monitor and track all earnings and expenses associated with their listed properties.
Through intuitive reports generated on a monthly and yearly basis, investors gain a comprehensive overview of their financial performance across their entire portfolio enhancing decision-making capabilities.

3. Legal Document Management: The application even facilitates efficient handling of legal property documents. Managers can securely store and access essential documents, ensuring compliance with government regulations. This feature enables prompt responses to government concerns and seamless communication with relevant authorities for taxation and compliance related purposes.

4. Maintenance Management: Property owners need to preserve the value of their holdings. Therefore, we equipped Zomaq with a simplified maintenance process by enabling users to schedule monthly and yearly maintenance checks with reputable third-party agencies.

This ensures that properties remain in optimal condition and helps investors meet their legal obligations. In addition, the in-built integrated communication system allows for seamless coordination between property managers and maintenance service providers.

& Impact

Real Estate Investors and Property Management Agencies across Dubai have been enjoying plethora of benefits. Some of these include:

Improved Efficiency: Central control of property management tasks have allowed investors to streamline their operations and eliminate the need for manual tracking and coordination. This has led to 1.5x reduction in turnaround time and cost savings, enhancing the overall efficiency of the processes.

Total Financial Visibility: Zomaq’s comprehensive financial tracking and reporting features provide investors with real-time insights into their property portfolios. This enables data-driven decision-making, identification of cost saving opportunities and improved financial performance.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Compliance with government regulations is critical in UAE which is enabled through proper management of legal property documents. Investors can now promptly address government concerns and mitigate legal risks, fostering a secure and transparent property management environment with complete transparency.

Optimal Maintenance: Property maintenance is now hassle-free as maintenance activities can be timely scheduled and tracked ensuring that properties are well-maintained. This minimizes risks, extends property lifespan and enhances tenant satisfaction, ultimately maximizing return on investment for investors and stakeholders.


Zomaq’s web application has greatly resolved critical challenges related to transaction visibility, process efficiency and compliance protocols that real estate investors and property agencies in Dubai suffered from. Using this comprehensive solution for property management – end-to-end financial tracking, strict legal compliance and timely maintenance operations are now routine. This freedom has given property investors the power to further optimize their property portfolios and drive long-term success. 2x time long-term ROI and 1.5x times efficiency is now automated thanks to the efficient UI UX and Implementation of Zomaq across Dubai.

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