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Top UI/UX Designers Skills You Should Consider While Hiring Them

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 05 Feb, 2024

Quick summary: To keep up with the business trends, you must have an appealing software application with a lucrative UI/X design. Quality UI/UX design is when you hire skilled and experienced UI/UX designers from a top-rated design agency. So, how will you ensure the designers or the team you are hiring have the skills, skills, and experience you need for your digital projects? What questions must you ask, and where can you hire them? All these questions are answered in this blog.

Did you know the design market is expected to grow by around 22% in 2024?

Technological advancements have increased the demand for skilled UI/UX designers. Keeping up with the latest design trends is crucial but challenging for your digital product. With UI/UX best practices, having experienced and expert UI/UX designers can turn your digital projects into perfect products. The online market is vast, and you need an effective product to have a competitive edge and grow your business to a great extent with user-friendly, creative, and intuitive ideas.

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We have discussed quality design, trends, and more, but they are useful only when you partner with or hire a perfect design agency. Enhanced usability, functionality, and aesthetic design can get your web project a good reputation and engagement. However, a poor design can ruin your product's efficiency and draw the users away. So, hiring a skilled UI/UX designer plays a significant role in the success of a UI/UX design. This blog will tell you specific steps when hiring the right UI/UX designer. Let's explore every step, but let us begin with the basics first.

What is the Role of a UI/UX Designer?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are interrelated. While the former is to build an Interface that can engage users, the other is to give users a great interactive and intuitive experience.

UI and UX designers ensure your web project is equipped with all trending design elements, such as an attractive user interface and excellent user experience, such features, functionalities, and smooth navigation. There are specific roles and responsibilities of UI/UX designers.

  • Developing interactive framework
  • Doing groundwork for informative design
  • Researching and designing prototypes and wireframes.
  • Creating a graphical layout of the application
  • Designing aesthetic visuals and mock-ups.

However, specific roles and responsibilities are assigned to both UX and UI designers individually.

UX designer roles and responsibilities

UX designers are responsible for providing excellent user experience to your customers. It involves plenty of things, like deciding features, functionalities and more. Most UX design companies have dedicated UX team to ensure clients’ expectation is delivered well.

User research: UX research agency have a dedicated team of UX designers who are responsible for conducting user research to find the target user of their web products.

Creating user personas: After finding the target audience, create user personas according to the age group and other factors to engage users.

Information architecture: Considering the information architecture to make the user experience smoother and easier to navigate.

Design prototypes and wireframes: A UI/UX should know how to design wireframes and prototypes. It is an essential responsibility of UI/UX designers to understand how their interface will work on different screen sizes.

Testing on Real users: Prototypes should be developed to test on real users to get their feedback and improve the user experience.

UI designer roles and responsibilities

Collaboration with developers: UI designers should collaborate with developers to achieve the goal of products that delight users.

Visualizing original ideas: UI designers with creative thinking can visualize original ideas for the Interface.

Conceptualizing wireframes: A good wireframe can enhance the visual experience of users at different levels of applications or products.

Conducting user research: Conducting user research about graphical layouts can help UI developers enhance the quality of wireframes.

Promoting design guidelines: Promoting design guidelines about using the product and giving the best ways to have the best experience.

Skills to Consider When Hiring a UI/UX Designer

The UI/UX designer you hire must be highly skilled in developing a good-looking user interface and smooth user experience. There are specific skills UI UX designers should possess. These skills help UI UX designers create interactive designs.

Usability Testing

User feedback about the Interface can help improve the Interface and experience. The goals of usability testing are to identify the problems, overcome them, and gain knowledge about users and their behavior and preferences. A well-constructed usability test has multiple user-centric interviews and questions about the Interface.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing is one of the most critical skills of UI designers. It can help designers develop a visually pleasing graphical layout with high functionality and good-quality content. Wireframing includes color selection and typography.

Prototyping is one of the most critical skills of UX designers. Prototyping is an essential method for knowing about user feedback, usability, and functionality. UI/UX designers must have high-end wireframing and prototyping skills to make your product achieve its goals.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is another skill UI/UX designers should have. It helps manage and map the interface so users can easily navigate to your digital products. Knowledge of information architecture helps in knowing how users will interact with the Interface. Analyzing different software products can help develop user-centric information architecture.

Responsive Design

Awareness of responsive design is a necessary skill or knowledge UX designers have. It ensures that the design can adapt to various screen sizes by scaling its graphical layout and focusing on mobile screens.

Typography Skills

Typography is the skill of enhancing the quality of written language visually. Typeface is crucial as it has various types and classification, the designers have to ensure it matches the project requirement. The designer must frame meaningful and attractive sentences that attract the users' attention to on-screen elements.

Design Audit

Design audit is about developing empathy for your users. Looking at the Interface through their POVfixes the issues and enhances the user experience. Using user POV is necessary from the development to the implementation of the product.

UX Research

UI/UX designers should have all the necessary data to develop a great UX design. UX research is essential for developing more user-centric digital products, making it easy for users to interact with and navigate your product. Create an intuitive and interactive design that is possible through UX research.

Digital Prototyping

Digital prototyping is necessary to explore the Interface virtually before it is built. Digital prototyping can be done by creating simulations to test assumptions. Its main advantage is that it saves time and money, increases creativity, and improves the quality and performance of the product before it is built.

How Do You Hire the Right UX UI Designer for your Project?

You can explore plenty of things and steps to hire UI/UX designer for your project, you must cross-check them with the abovementioned skills. Then, shortlist the candidates qualified based on the skills mentioned. Then, Follow the following steps.

Step 1: Define your requirements

Step 2: Shortlist candidates based on requirements

Step 3: Interview candidates

Step 4: Ask them specific questions related to your interest

Step 5: Check out their skill and experience level, and again, shortlist the most skilled and experienced candidates.

Step 6: Check how they perform under pressure

Step 7: Sign a contract with them

As mentioned above about asking questions to hire suitable candidates, what questions should be asked?

Questions to Ask a UX Designer

These questions will define them in your mind, and it'll be easy to know if they will fit your project environment and fulfil the ethical requirements you seek in a UI/UX designer.

What is their specialty?

Knowing about their specialties will help you use their expertise in the development of a successful UX design.

What is their process?

I asked them how they performed tasks like user research, developing graphical layouts, organizing creative reviews, and how they would reach high-fidelity mock-ups. And what they will do after the product is launched.

What is your perfect environment?

You are asking them about their preferred environment of working. If their answer doesn't match your work environment, that doesn't mean they can't fit your environment. But you'll have a great deal if their response matches your work environment.

What do you mean by design thinking?

Asking them about design thinking can answer all your questions about the candidate's eligibility.

How do you deal with negative feedback?

How they deal with negative feedback tells if they are a good team player or not and if they can adapt to the team environment and workflow. How they deal with negative feedback talks about their skills and experience.

You can explore some more questions and follow-up questions.


Developing user-centric, interactive, and intuitive UX design is a challenging job. It requires a UI/UX designer, but with the above details and information, you now know the type of UI/UX designer you need for your UI/UX design. But now, another question arises: where can you hire a skilled and experienced UI/UX designer for your project? Don't worry. We at TheFinch Design can help you hire the right UI/UX designer for your project.


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