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How to Hire UI/UX Designer for Your Next Project

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 24 Jul, 2023

Quick Summary: Are you looking for a UI/UX designer to build appealing designs for your new app? You need to hire experienced UI/UX designers who have handled so many graphics design projects and know your business. But, the question is "Where and how to hire UI/UX designers or agencies with desired skills and experience”? We have the solution as this article offers a complete guide to hiring a UX designer or both UI and UX conveniently.

Did you know 94% of people show no trust in outdated apps or websites and still just 55% of businesses conduct UX testing?

A quality User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is something that gives you and your business an edge over your competitors. A website’s UI/UX may be just one part of your project, but it is crucial first to give utmost consideration when launching your new app or website.

UI/UX is the first thing your visitors interact with. Hence it must be appealing and users find it worth engaging with. A poor UI/UX will lead to higher bounce rates and compel users to sign out or uninstall your mobile application. Therefore, if you want to build an app or website for your business, hiring a UI/UX designer with good hands-on experience and expertise in user behavior is vital.

So, We are here with a guide to help you hire the best UI and UX design agency. In this article, we will cover the following points;

  • Why hire a UI/UX designer? The Benefits
  • How to hire a UI/UX designer? The Steps
  • How much does it cost to hire a UI/UX designer? Cost Estimation
  • Where to find a good UI/UX designer? The Popular Resources to Look for UX Designers
  • How Does Finch Design Help?

We have covered almost every point that you might need to explore while hiring website or app designers.

Let’s explore them one by one;

Why Hire a UI/UX designer?: The Benefits

You have endless reasons to hire UI/UX designers and the first is to meet your users' expectations. Whether you want to build a user-friendly mobile app, a web app, or a website, providing the best user experience is what you need. In the online business world, users' attention is everything, and those who successfully draw the attention of users win the business game. There are plenty of other reasons why hiring UI-UX designers will help you have an edge over your competitors.

Excellent User Experience

As we talked about user experience and how crucial it is for a successful business. Research has consistently shown that a well-designed UX will lead to higher user engagement, giving them a flawless user experience. It will ensure you get higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Cost Saving

Experienced UI/UX designers know what keeps users satisfied. Besides, when you hire UX and UI designers, the expert will ensure that the design is according to trends in the relevant industry. It will help you fix problems during the design phase and it will be 100 times cheaper.

Better Branding

Hiring UI/UX designers will ensure your website is designed to keep the brand at the center stage. A well-designed user interface will enhance brand perception and credibility. A study by Stanford University suggests that 75% of users judge the brand's credibility based on its design.

Faster Time to Market

When you hire UI/UX engineers from a reputed UI/UX design agency, they are well-trained and vetted resources. That means they know how to streamline the design and development process. It will help you launch your app faster. If your business is design focused, the faster time to market will win you 32% more results than the ordinary one.

Understand in Detail: Why Hire UI/UX Design Services for your Business?

How to Hire a UI/UX Designer?: The Steps

The UI/UX design for your project is crucial and it forbids you to pick a random designer. Instead, you need a perfect one who knows your business and understands the design trend in the relevant industry. So, we have suggested a few steps that will help you pick the right expert and get the design that suits your business. Here’s how.

Define Your Requirements

This is the crucial first step in which you draw a complete outline of your requirement. It should include;

  • What you want to achieve —your goal
  • What expertise do you need to achieve the goal
  • Whether you want UI/UX designer for a short-term or long-term project
  • Do you want to hire freelancers or through a UI/UX agency
  • You need to brainstorm over these things even before you start searching for a UI/UX designer near you in Google.

Start Searching For UI/UX Designer

Once you are done with defining your requirement, you need to search for the designer in the Google Search Engine. Use specific inputs and prompts for better results. Some of the common prompts are; “best UI/UX designer near me” “hire UX designer” " Hire ui ux designing agency" “Hire UI/UX designers” You may suffix and prefix more terms based on your requirement. For example, if you are searching for a designer in a specific location, you can use the term “hire UI/UX designer in India”, or “USA”. Make a list of designers and design agencies offering your desired UI/UX design services. Now, you need to shortlist from the list of UI/UX design agencies or designers you created. But, how will you shortlist them? The next part has the answer to this.

Review Portfolio and Case Studies

If you are hiring freelance developers, ask for their portfolios and ensure you have reviewed them properly. If you are hiring UI/UX designers from an agency, you need to explore the portfolio section and even go through their case studies to see if they have had any projects in the past. If possible, you can connect with the clients they have worked for and get the reviews directly from them.
Apart from this, you can visit independent review sites, such as Dribble, Behance, Clutch, and others to check reviews and their work.

Take Interviews with UI UX Designer

You need to take interviews with developers and a practical test for a better assessment of their work experience. You can prepare questions in advance to ask while taking interviews with the engineers. Some of the example interview questions are;

  • What types of projects have you designed?
  • Have you faced any problems while designing UI/UX?
  • What kind of research method do you use?
  • What design approach do you take for a particular industry?
  • What are the elements of good UX?
  • What differentiate UI from UX?
  • Explain your workflow.
  • Tell me about yours.

Shortlist the agency and UI/UX designer after assessing their ‘hard skills’ and ‘soft skills’.
Cultural Fit: Assess whether the candidate's values and work style align with the business culture. Whether they are good at communication in your regional language. Are they flexible and match your timeline? If you're hiring a UI/UX designer to support your in-house team, ensure they contribute significantly to the project's success.

How much does it cost to Hire a UI/UX designer? Cost Estimation

The cost of hiring a UX/UX designer will depend on main two factors;

  • First, who you are hiring
  • And where you are hiring from

For example, you need to ensure a junior, mid-senior, and expert UI/UX designer you need to hire. The cost of hiring UI/UX designers as per their expertise will be as follows;

Experience LevelAnnual Salary Range (USD)Hourly Rate Range (USD)
Junior Designer$40,000 - $60,000$25 - $40
Mid-Level Designer$60,000 - $90,000$40 - $75
Senior Designer$90,000 - $150,000$75 - $150

Again, the cost may vary depending on the region to choose to hire. Here’s the cost breakdown for hiring UI/UX developers region-wise.

RegionAnnual Salary Range (USD)
United States$60,000 - $150,000+
United Kingdom£30,000 - £70,000+
CanadaC$60,000 - C$110,000+
AustraliaA$60,000 - A$120,000+
European Union€30,000 - €70,000+
Middle East₹400,000 - ₹1,500,000+
Southeast Asia$20,000 - $50,000+
India$30,000 - $80,000+

Where to Find a good UI/UX designer? The Popular Resources to Look for UX Designers

How Does Finch Design Help?

There are various places where you can hire perfect UI/UX designers from. For example, you can hire engineers from;

Finally, on one hand, you may lose 89% of your consumers to your competitors due to poor design, you can increase conversion by 400% with intentional and strategic user experience, on the other hand. Choose your side.

How Does Finch Design Help?

The Finch Design is the leading UI/UX Design Agency in the India or USA where we innovate, Breathing Life into your Vision TOGETHER. We offer UI/UX consultancy and design services to help you make better choices for your company website or app. Our of vetted engineers who have worked on multiple projects and understand varied design trends. We are ready to be your cavalry and have solutions, irrespective of your business problems. Let’s connect.


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