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Top Digital Healthcare UX Trends to Know in 2024

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 05 Apr, 2024

Quick Summary: In digital healthcare, user experience is a crucial factor. You must keep the digital healthcare UX updated and refined to the user's expectations. You can do so many things to improve it, but exploring digital healthcare trends for 2024 is a stepping stone. In this article, we have explored some of the top trends for digital healthcare UX, which every healthcare provider should know. Let's explore;

Healthcare is growing rapidly. The revenue from the digital healthcare market worldwide is expected to generate US$193.70bn by 2024. If you run a healthcare facility, you must adapt to change and embrace the tech advent to keep your business thriving. For digital products, you need to keep track of UI/UX design trends so you can create products that match the pace. Likewise, the digital health market is surging, and those who keep a close eye on digital healthcare UX trends reap 100% of the benefits of innovation.

This article has explored the top digital healthcare UX trends for 2024 and ahead.

1: Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered digital equipment is proving to be a boon for healthcare. AI technologies are helping healthcare improve the way they provide medical treatment to patients and help patients keep track of their health records. Only some people are tech-savvy. Hence, AI health products must be designed with easy-to-use features and navigation.

2: Voice User Interfaces (VUI)

Voice technology is highly crucial in the healthcare sector. It is helping fill the gap between patients and doctors while allowing people with disabilities to access the application even if there's no help. A simple voice command will help them track illness, get temperature records, BP, blood oxygen levels and more. You must have heard much about voice user interfaces, which allow professionals to access healthcare functions using voice commands. These are very effective in surgery, where doctors can access the features of applications without using their hands. A simple voice can bring all the information to the table. Voice user interfaces will also be crucial for patients to get a better healthcare experience.

3: Medical Wearables

Smartwatches are a great example of modern healthcare wearables. They have revolutionized the way people look at their health and track progress. Modern healthcare, medical or smart wearables can monitor vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate, body mass index, and heart rate fluctuations. They are already a trend that will be unstoppable in the future. The quality of applications for smart wearables will make a difference.

4: Virtual and Augmented Reality

AR/VR refers to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and they are the top trending healthcare technologies. Healthcare businesses integrate AR/VR technologies into healthcare applications for an immersive experience. Quality design and UX strategies are core vitals for AR/VR applications. The healthcare industry will focus on applications that are easy to use, access, and implement/integrate with applications within the system.

5: Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the crucial factors that will continue to rule the roost in healthcare technology. Accessibility comes with UI/UX design, and in healthcare product design, it has to be properly planned, researched, and implemented. Keep the UX main focus for healthcare products and services.

6: Remote Patient Monitoring

There are a lot of technologies that help with remote monitoring of patients. It has to be easy to use, understand and explain. It works differently as a system or digital gadgets, like wearables or wearable measurement gadgets, while doctors have to keep control of the gadgets to monitor and maintain the patient's healthcare condition remotely.

7: eHealth

eHealth is another new trend in which various applications, including EHR and others, play crucial roles. EHR refers to the electronic health record, which is the systematized collection of patients' data stored electronically. The system must be designed to keep the data systematically. It has to be designed for mobile devices as intelligent gadgets with easy accessibility are very popular. Mobile devices are widely used to access patients' data. Hence, the design for EHR mobile devices should be easy and handy.

8: Data Visualization

Data in healthcare is crucial, and it has to be designed effectively. It is a mobile app that assists health care, helping healthcare systematically prepare health data. Besides, it uses intuitive numbers and charts that let health officials present information that patients and other users can quickly grasp.

9: Personalization

Treatment with personalized care and experience make patients have confident. They like personalized experiences when they are connected with their healthcare providers. Maintaining personalization in healthcare products will create a great bond between healthcare providers and patients.

10: Digital products for mental health and telepsychology

As people get busier and have stiff work schedules, they are getting more stressed and anxious. Mental health is now the priority, and they need some digital, especially AI-powered machines to interact and get solutions. Mental health applications are pretty much in trend to help people get rid of mental challenges. Meditation apps with easy-to-use features will make a revolutionary impact.

11: Telehealth

Telehealth has been a crucial healthcare trend for the decade. It helps healthcare providers and doctors stay connected through video conferencing, phone calls, etc. Patients with immediate treatment needs can connect or book doctor appointments and get prescriptions. User-friendly telemedicine software, such as wearables and health gadgets, will allow doctors to check the core vitals of health, such as temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure and others, with a finger touch.

12: Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

EHRs are crucial, helping doctors get patients' health information remotely through electronic healthcare records and providing accurate treatment and prescriptions. With EHR solutions, doctors can reduce the cognitive load on providers. It is a trend, as it is desired for mobile devices and can be helpful to keep data electronically available to doctors. You need to create effective EHR systems that are easy to keep information and are safe against data hackers.

13: Internet of Medical Things(IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is crucial for getting health-related data and collecting and transmitting data. Its new trends will continue to rule the healthcare sectors for ages. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications are designed to monitor patients remotely as self-monitoring devices that can help send blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and other vital signs. The feature you use for the software must be carefully researched and designed.

How TheFinch Design Creates Differences

TheFinch Design is the leading UX design company, helping healthcare providers design feature-rich healthcare applications of all kinds. We have worked on various similar products and know every nitty-gritty of healthcare UX. We help you conceptualize your ideas for healthcare products and design the application that effectively serves your proposals.

In Nutshell

In this article, we have explained the top healthcare UX trends, which are crucial for every provider to keep a watch on. With trends, they set their goals and keep their healthcare facility future-ready. You may connect with your project scope to understand how UX design for healthcare makes a difference. Explore the trends and connect with a design agency to bring your idea into reality.


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