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Benefits of Hiring Design Agency instead of Freelancer

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 28 Jan, 2024

Quick Summary: Are you looking to hire designers for your design projects? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of hiring a design agency or freelance designer? We have resolved the perplexity by giving incisive details about what benefits you get when you hire a design agency instead of hiring a freelancer. Explore our take on Design Agency vs. Freelancer.

They say the first impression is the last. An aesthetically pleasing website captures the attention of potential customers and makes them want to engage with your brand. In addition to the visual aspects, the website/app must also be easy to use. Almost 60% of web users prefer visually appealing websites to dull-looking ones, with 39% of them stating color being the most crucial factor.

However, not everyone has an army of designers ready to execute their projects and deliver top-notch results. So, does that mean you should compromise and settle for a plain website? No, the trick is to find the best design agency that meets your requirements. Why not a freelancer, you may ask. This blog will focus on the 6 benefits of hiring a design agency instead of a freelancer.

Freelancer vs. Design Agency: Compare the Reasons

Hiring a freelancer for a design project can be tempting but you need to consider many factors. Although these freelancers can start working on your project immediately, there is no guarantee that they will deliver quality output. Yes, you can analyze their past work and decide but you never know if you are dealing with the same person. If the freelancer quits midday, you will be back to square one. The best way to make a decision is to explore freelancer vs. design agency.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a design agency over a freelancer.

Quick Output

An established design agency knows how to deliver as per client expectations. All you need to do is convey your requirements and they will do the rest. A freelancer may not have the right skills and experience to deliver as per the agreed deadlines.

Conducting numerous Google Meet calls, explaining things repeatedly, and hours of rework is simply not worth it. Hiring a design agency prevents unnecessary delays and back and forth communication.

Bespoke Messaging

The market is flooded with AI tools that understand your requirements and perform complex tasks. Still, these tools cannot add a human touch to the design. An overdose of bright colors and complex functionalities may put off potential customers.

A reputed design agency truly understands customers’ expectations and pain points when creating stunning websites. With the right combination of experience, robust design sense and valuable tools, a design agency can do wonders for your business. A freelancer may not understand your point of view, resulting in unnecessary back and forth communication.

Clear Communication

One benefit of dealing with freelancers is direct and quick communication but it can be a nightmare for corporate companies and large-sized organizations. The marketing team may not have the time and energy to communicate with the freelancer repeatedly.

Hiring a design agency allows companies to document everything and convey their expectations accordingly. This methodical approach results in less rework and timely completion of tasks.

Design Compatibility

Freelancers may rely on a copy-paste template approach for their design projects which may not sit well with many clients. Experienced freelance designers may have the skills and expertise to execute your project but it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

When you hire a design agency instead of a freelancer, all you have to do is convey your needs and their team will do the rest. The design team leader will create a checklist and ensure that the individual handling your project adheres to it. This structured approach will result in timely and proper project execution.

Best Bang for Buck

Don’t let pricing cloud your judgement. The market is full of freelance designers that can work on your project for peanuts. Do you think you will get the intended results? The chances are slim. Hiring a UI UX Design Agency allows you to capitalize on the skills and experience of a renowned company.

Besides value for money, design agencies will keep communication transparent. They will keep their word and deliver output that aligns with industry standards. You may not be able to haggle and bring the price down but you will get excellent results. With each project, their reputation is at stake. Hence, they will pay attention to detail.

Master of all

Most freelance designers are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Design agencies can’t afford to master UX and slack on UI. They must have a team of design experts to handle all kinds of project requirements. So whenever you hire a reputed design agency for your design project, a UI or UX expert will work on it.

On the other hand, a freelancer’s skills may be limited to UX. What would you do in that situation? Running from pillar to post hunting for a designer at the last moment is not practical. Hence, it makes sense to entrust your project’s responsibility to a reputed design agency.

Final Thoughts

Should you hire a design agency or a freelancer? We have explored all the details for Freelancer vs. Design Agency in this article. However, it depends on your budget, requirements, company structure and other factors. Corporate companies and large-scale organizations with a massive budget can opt for a design agency whereas emerging companies should stick to freelancers. If you're a small company with limited budget and resources, it makes no sense to pump thousands of dollars into a design project. Hiring a design agency has its advantages and the same applies to freelancers. There is no denying that things could go wrong in both these situations. The trick is to analyze your goals and choose wisely.


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