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8 Reason Why a bad UX Can Kill the App

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 20 Jun, 2024

Quick Summary: Your digital products, especially mobile apps, are crucial for your business, and they should be appealing enough to attract people to help them complete their tasks. If you fail to keep your users engaged, you will most likely lose almost 88% of your users. So, if you are designing your products, you must know the reasons that are harmful to your product or even kill your app. We have explained the top 10 reasons to consider implementing excellent user experience, as bad UX can kill your app.

Did you know 88 out of 100 (88%) people visiting your digital product may not return if they encounter a terrible user experience?

If you are designing an app, your user expects it to be better than a desktop website, or if you are creating digital products for both desktop and mobile, it should be better than a desktop. Modern users are very tech-savvy, as 86% of the global population uses smartphones. They expect more in less and the trend, like minimalist UI design is the one of the examples of it. You need to understand what they want from your app and why they go online.

According to research conducted by Statista, 20% of people who participated in the research said that they seek something new —fresh ideas while 19% go for improving their mood.

Why People Explore Online

Mobile apps are an integral part of business, given that 7.2 billion smartphones are in use worldwide. You must keep your app design strategies at the center stage to woo tech-savvy people. You may have heard a lot about UX best practices, but we have explored the top reasons bad UX can ruin your app. Let’s explore what they are and how they impact.

Top 8 Reasons Bad UX Kill Your Apps

Understanding the reasons why bad UX is harmful to your app will save you from creating one. Even though UX is not the only reason why digital products fail, UX is the crucial part that you need to be more focused on. We have explored the top UX gaps which can potentially be harmful for your app. Let’s explore one by one.

1: Your App Does Not Cater to User Needs

While the competition in the online market is cutthroat, a company must focus on providing the best possible services to its customers. Due to so many existing options, you have to excel in every field to stand out. A website is generally the first interaction a user has with the company. It’s like a guest has arrived at your doorstep, and you must ensure their experience is enjoyable, smooth, and free from any inconveniences. Also, from a business point of view, it makes sense if you can impress the customer at the word go. Even statistically, it has been proven that converting maximum customers into clients will be more accessible when your website is user-friendly. UX stats show that every $1 invested in UX design results in a $100 return (the ROI is 9900%!). A lucrative interface will help you a long way!

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2: The System is Not Scalable

The app market is divided into three levels. And the top level, which is the slab of the highest earning people of the country (around 1%) of the population, doesn’t care much about the prices. All they look for is comfort and quick access. So, if you can capitalize well on that, it can completely change your company’s profitability. Zomato and Blinkit are some of the best examples of these. UX statistics show that 80% of consumers worldwide would gladly pay extra if it meant getting good website UX — quick loading time, a user-friendly interface, and prompt responses.

3: App Has No Reward For The User’s Time Spent On It

If you have a bad UX, it will also be difficult for the customers to communicate their problems. And as a company, it will hamper you very much. Because in today’s world, data is king. Every company is trying to conduct as many surveys as possible and doing its best to know its shortcomings. And how do you expect to improve if you cannot get feedback? This also gives a wrong impression on the customer, making them think that the company has a very laid-back attitude. Also, you will not know the current market demands and conditions.

4: Hard to Navigate, Causing Bad Word of Mouth

You might not even realise how a bad UX will snatch away your future potential customers, let alone the current ones. It’s obvious that if anyone has a bad experience on your website, they will make sure that anyone in their circle doesn’t face or undergo something similar. If they feel too much irritated, they might even go online and write appalling reviews, tarnishing the company’s image in the long run. The fact that 23% of people say they would tell ten or more people about a positive experience on a website shows that websites can gain a massive audience quickly with good UX design. Additionally, 13% will tell 15 or more people about a negative interaction they had on a website, which clearly shows the significant impact of a UX on word-of-mouth publicity.

5: App Does Not Save The User’s Time

A bad UX will waste your customer’s time a lot. And significantly, when everyone’s attention span has been reduced drastically due to social media, you cannot compromise on this aspect. 39% of internet users say they will leave a website if the images take too long to load. Even a one-second delay can cause a 7% reduction in conversions.

6: Restricting your potential

How often has it happened to you that you went on a shopping app to order one thing but ended up ordering at least three? Well, this is just a sign of a good interface where you subtly integrate another product that may be similar to the one you are already buying. You have got to think out of the box and innovatively come up with ideas to maximise your sales. But be sure not to make it too much on the face, as it is a sign of desperation.

7: Complex is not better

You should keep in mind that there will also be users who may not have any prior knowledge or context of your field and company. So, make sure to make their experience comfortable and keep them from being bombarded with information. You have to spoon-feed them and instill curiosity regarding you. But you have to do all this without making them feel dumb. Making things complex may satisfy your creative juices but will inhibit your company’s goals and progress.

8: Users Find to Hard to Communicate

This is also one of the main reasons why users leave your app if they do not access contact information easily. If they don’t have easy access to things, they will find it hard to communicate their issue and it will give them the impression that you are not so serious about your business. It will have a direct impact on apps’ trustworthiness. It needs to be built to keep users in mind. It must be user-centric with good navigation.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mobile app development, UX is crucial. We have explained the top UX gaps that you can keep in mind and discuss when you connect with a UX design company. We have explored the top reasons you need to avoid while creating UX for your app. At TheFinch Design, we have a dedicated UX team who explore every angle, search market, know users, understand their pain points, and craft a compelling app that caters to every need of potential users. Connect with us regarding your project scope and we help you turn your app design ideas into actual products.


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