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A Comprehensive Investor Platform

Our client, Hero Investments, offers financial consulting services and direct investment to leading companies in the Smart Cities and Urban Mobility industries. The Hero Investment App is a cutting-edge mobile application (MVP) designed to provide stock investors with a comprehensive platform to create, manage, and track their virtual stock portfolios.

  • IndustryFinance
  • Duration1 Month
  • ServiceUX/UI Design
  • PlatformMobile App
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In the current fast-paced financial markets, investors need to be right on the pulse of any change. They need efficient tools to instantly monitor and manage their stock portfolio. Traditional methods of disconnected stock tracking is cumbersome and time-consuming. So, we came up with the Hero Investment Mobile App offering a streamlined and intuitive mobile application interface.

We had to simplify stock portfolio management for “Hero” investors. The app aimed to provide an easy-to-use interface that allowed even not so tech-savvy older users to track and manage their stock investments effectively. Equipped with features such as search, stock addition and management, custom alerts and comparative analysis, Hero Investment App empowers investors to make informed decisions regarding their investment strategies.


1. User Friendly Interface: Hero Investment App boasts an intuitive and visually appealing interface, ensuring an effortless user experience. Users can easily navigate through various sections of the app, making it accessible to both novice and experienced investors

2. Stock Search and Management: The app enables users to search for specific stocks and add them to their virtual portfolios. Users can efficiently manage their stock investments by adding or removing stocks as needed, ensuring an up-to-date portfolio at all times

3. Custom Alerts: Hero Investment allows users to set personalized alerts for changes in stock prices. These alerts serve as valuable tools for investors, providing real-time notifications when stocks reach predefined price thresholds. The app ensures that users stay informed and can respond promptly to market fluctuations

4. Comparative Analysis: Hero Investment provides users with the ability to compare stocks within their portfolio. This feature allows investors to evaluate the performance of different stocks side by side, facilitating data-driven investment decisions

5. Stock Information and Research: The app offers comprehensive stock information and research capabilities, enabling users to gain deeper insights into their investments. Users can access relevant financial data, historical charts, company news, and analyst ratings, empowering them to make informed investment choices



1. Streamlined Stock Portfolio Management: Hero Investment’s design prioritizes seamless stock portfolio management. The app’s interface allows users to effortlessly add, remove, and update stocks within their portfolios, ensuring accurate and up-to-date investment tracking

2. Custom Price Alerts: Investors can now have it easier than ever to stay informed about realtime stock price movements. Users can set personalized alerts for specific stocks, receiving notifications when prices rise or fall beyond predefined thresholds. This feature mimics the functionality of a morning alarm, providing investors with timely information to take appropriate actions based on specific threshold set.

3. Intuitive Micro Interactions: Hero Investment leverages end-to-end microinteractions to enhance the user experience. From adding stocks to tracking their performance, the app’s seamless micro-interactions enable users to interact with their virtual portfolios effortlessly


Hero Investment App is a powerful stock investor solution that revolutionizes the way investors manage and track their stock portfolios. Using a user-friendly interface, advanced stock management tools, custom alerts and comprehensive stock information – the app empowers investors to make informed investment decisions. Now all our client’s investors can effortlessly stay updated on their stock investments, ensuring a seamless and efficient stock trading experience.

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