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Digitally Transforming Recruitment UX with Nextdeavor

Nextdeavor is a California based recruitment agency founded by like-minded recruiters as a tech start-up in the recruiting industry.The highlight of Nextdeavor team’s approach was conscious recruitment where people were more than resumes and companies were complex beings - both in need of a win-win sophisticated matchmaking.As a cutting-edge SaaS-based product, Nextdeavor had to empower recruiters and hiring agencies to simplify the candidate search process keeping conscious recruitment at the heart of the process.

Please note that some of the intellectual property rights for this project are owned by NextDeavor, and we are simply demonstrating our capabilities as a UI/UX design agency.
  • IndustryRecruitment Solutions
  • Duration3 Months
  • ServiceProduct Design
  • PlatformWeb Application
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• Complicated Candidate search and parsing process
• Difficulty in storing and managing candidate information
• Lack of digitalization in the interview process
• Difficulty in achieving hiring goals
• Recruiting barriers such as outdated processes
• Lack of resources also hindered the hiring process
• Complex Navigation
• Poor User Interface
• Hard to set up and manage
• Difficult to integrate with other platforms
• Priority of content was inefficient



Through our in-depth research, client interviews, market assessment and competitor research, our team was ready to position Nextdeavor as the ultimate end-to-end cutting-edge SaaS based application for the recruitment industry.

Our team extensively studied existing recruitment industry competitors and found that most technology-based recruitment solutions were plagued by several challenges in terms of User Experience and User Interface.

In addition, everyone had to maintain an extensive tool stack that needed integrations with their Recruitment System, which became increasing complicated and tough.


The Job Module streamlines job posting creation, centralizes job-related information and automates the recruitment process. Recruiters can publish job postings to various channels, manage interviews and add hiring teams. This module saves recruiters valuable time and resources while ensuring that the best-suited candidates are identified for each job posting.


Using the Candidate Module recruiters can easily review and track candidate applications, manage candidate profiles and communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process. The platform’s automation capabilities streamline the recruitment process by auto-populating candidate profiles with information from their resumes, saving recruiters valuable time and resources. The minimalist design and user-focused interface provide recruiters with a positive and engaging experience, enabling them to efficiently identify and hire top talent.


Nextdeavor has already begun positively transforming recruitment experiences. Using this comprehensive solution, recruitment teams across the globe can now enjoy streamlined processes without maintaining multiple recruitment tools and software solutions.

We are grateful to have received the opportunity to design and develop recruitment management platform with the Nextdeavor team that has now forever revolutionized hiring process for agencies and HR departments globally.

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