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iTHREOS - Empowering Women with PCOS

The client Threos Healthcare is a Bangalore based global specialty pharmaceutical company solely committed to supporting the health needs of women through every stage of life. TheFinch Design created the iTHREOS app as an all-in-one app providing a platform as a safe space where women suffering from PCOS come together, share experiences, exchange knowledge and support one another. The app addresses the multi-faceted aspects of PCOS management, focusing on health tracking, personalized recommendations, expert guidance and community building.

  • IndustryHealthcare
  • Duration2 Months
  • ServiceUX/UI Design
  • PlatformMobile App
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What is

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a prevalent hormonal disorder affecting approximately 1 in 10 women worldwide. It manifests through various symptoms, including irregular periods, acne, hair growth, weight gain, and can even lead to fertility problems, anxiety, and depression. Managing this condition poses significant challenges and can be overwhelming for those affected.


Addressing the unique needs of women with PCOS required a comprehensive solution that combined knowledge sharing, support, tracking and expert guidance – everything with an in-built empathy quotient. In order to meet this criteria, TheFinch Design designed the app specifically streamlining UX to reflect warmth, safety and discretion throughout the solution. The biggest challenge was to be able to engage the community with the goal of empowering and supporting them through their journey.

iTHREOS - Empowering Women with PCOS


We created an all-in-one platform for women suffering from PCOS that could be easily accessed from their smartphones. As a holistic mobile app, sharing experiences and supporting each other through their journeys became easier – while getting the right qualified support became possible. Apart from tracking and managing their symptoms, this app supports doing so much more with an array of features.


Through seamless integration with smartwatches, iTHREOS enables users to track crucial aspects of their health, including ovulation, sleep patterns, and activity levels. This comprehensive tracking system allows users to set goals, monitor progress, and receive personalized recommendations tailored to improving overall health and well-being. By providing data-driven insights and suggestions, iTHREOS empowers users to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and wellness practices.

Expert Guidance and Support

iTHREOS goes beyond tracking and recommendations by offering a dedicated portal where users can connect with PCOS experts, nutritionists, and trainers. This access to professionals specialized in PCOS management ensures users can seek expert advice and guidance tailored to their individual needs. Moreover, the app offers the convenience of purchasing unique nutritional supplements designed explicitly to support the health and well-being of women with PCOS.

Supportive Community

Recognizing the importance of a support network, iTHREOS creates a unique community for women with PCOS. Within this community, users can connect with others who understand their experiences, share their own journey, ask questions, and provide support. By fostering a sense of belonging and understanding, the app ensures that users never feel alone in their struggles with PCOS.

Results &

iTHREOS has already made a significant impact on the lives of women with PCOS. By providing a comprehensive solution that combines health tracking, personalized recommendations, expert guidance, and community support, the app has empowered PCOS women to take control of their health and well-being. Users have reported improved understanding of their condition, better management of symptoms, and increased confidence in navigating their PCOS journey.


The application has been well-received by its users garnering positive feedback about its simplicity, effectiveness and personalized approach. Beyond its functional success, this project emphasized the importance of our role in designing applications that genuinely impact users’ lives, health, and well-being. Through iterative design, collaboration with medical professionals and continuous feedback from women diagnosed with PCOS, we crafted an interface that is intuitive, accessible and user-friendly. This project has solidified our belief in the ability of good design to bridge gaps and create solutions that resonate with users worldwide.

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