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Top Research-Based Tips for Designing a Website

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 11 Apr, 2024

Quick Summary: Designing a website sounds easy, but it's complex, no matter which web design company works on your projects. You need to consider various factors to ensure the website is perfect and designed as you expected. We have made your effort stress-free by providing research-based website design tips for your projects. Explore them and learn how to make a great-looking website. These website design suggestions explain everything in detail.

Are you looking to design your next website? You have plenty of factors to explore. Why…? Because the website design is a process that contains plenty of styles and directions. You need to study those and understand whether you want to create a classy, modern, or minimalistic digital product or something else. Undoubtedly, your website design partner will help you understand them in detail; you also have something to know. Here, we have explored, researched, and come up with top-notch web design tips that are helpful for a business to understand even before searching for a design partner.

In this article, we have experts' advice on website design and will discuss the points every business should know. Let's explore them one by one.

Consider the Design that Sets You Apart from Others

Why should customers visit your website when they can get the same features, functionalities, and user experiences from other sites? The answer lies in setting yourself apart and offering something unique. Despite having many competitors, you can find the gap, the deciding factors that keep your products, services, or store looking different. Take the example of Amazon and BestBuy, both big players in e-commerce, yet their user experiences are entirely different. This uniqueness is what sets them apart and inspires others.

Research about design, features, and functionalities and map users' journeys so you can understand the technicality of unique website design. You may also help your design partner suggest your idea of what you want in your website to be visually appealing.

Consider Homepage Minimalistic and Clutter-Free

Your homepage is the gateway to your website. It's where users form their first impression of your brand. Therefore, it's essential to invest 50% of your website design effort into creating an outstanding homepage. The design should instantly and accurately convey your brand's message, from the headline and logo to the font, color, and CTA. Here are some suggestions to make your homepage visually stunning and impactful.

Use a Minimalistic Design Approach: A minimalistic design approach is about designing less and expressing more. Given the experience and expertise of your UI/UX design team, they understand how to create minimalistic UI design.

Set Priority and Keep Crucial Information on the Top: The crucial information about your website, such as your core business objectives, the subject matter you deal with or the services and products you sell.

Focus on Whitespace: Proper spacing between content is crucial. Even though your designers will look into this matter, ensure there is enough and required white space between elements.

Utilizing Graphical Imagery: We have discussed minimalistic design, and using images more instead of content is a crucial part of it. You can use images and photos wherever possible. This will help you communicate your points effectively.

Using CTA at the Right Place: Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are crucial all over your website, but having one on your digital asset's homepage can be useful. It would help if you decided with your design and content team to figure out the right place and CTA button on your homepage.

Website Loading Time

Time is not just money, but it's also sales in the digital world. If your website takes a lot of time or consumes a lot of bandwidth to open, then something serious is happening around your digital products. It can be winning or losing the digital business battle. We don't mean to intimidate you, but if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you risk losing 90% of your customers. Even more concerning, 70% of those who left the website will never return. This underlines the urgency and importance of fast website loading time. You can achieve this goal by creating an optimized user interface that follows the guidelines.

Plan Visual Hierarchy Carefully

Visual hierarchy is a crucial factor in the principles of design. It ensures everything on your website, from content and images to video, pages, and CTAs, appears in order. Keeping hierarchies in mind, you can effectively communicate your content or message to your customers. Here are things you can do to make things in size and order.

Make a list of things you need to include on your website: Whether it is a number of pages, number of CTAs, content, size, logos, elements, or others, you can plan accordingly.

Size and weight: When you design your website, you need to decide or let the designer know which part of your website you want to focus on more. For example, your business names, logos, products, and services.

Element placement: Now, there may be various elements of your website that you particularly want to highlight throughout your website. You need to identify those elements. Once you have it, select the one that is more crucial than the others. Now, please start the visual element on every page at the same place. For example, if you are using primary CTA on your page's banner, ensure the primary CTA is on all other pages and placed on the top page only.

Ensure Your Website is Accessible to All

When you create a website, it has to be for all, even for physically impaired persons. That means you need to create a website so that people with visual impairments and color blindness can access your website without any hassle. They are your potential customers and make sales in thousands if not millions. You need to find elements that help you design a website in a way that would help people of all types with accessibility, usability, and convenience.

You hire an experienced UI/UX design team with expertise in creating user-friendly digital products so that all types of users can use the website easily. They know the legible texts, with a graduate size, easy to zoom in / zoom out, carefully used color elements, and various other elements that would support people with disability and other impairments to access the website with no hassle.

Consider Content on Your Website

The content on your website is yet another element that keeps users engaged. That means you need the right people with relevant skills and expertise who understand your industry nicely and can create compelling content strategies for your website. Use balanced content mixed with images, videos, and other elements.

Consider Designing Website Mobile Friendly

You have more mobile users than desktop or PC users. That means your digital products must be device-friendly and accessible through smartphones and tablets. Even though modern design companies understand the significance of device-friendly design, you may ask your design partner and explain your concern to them.

Follow Top UI UX Design Trends in 2024

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