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How to Conduct a UX Audit to Improve Your Product Design

Posted by Ravi Talajiya on 25 Jan, 2024

Quick Summary: When it comes to quality product design, conducting a UX audit is considered one of the best methods. UX reviews ensure designers create high-quality and appealing business websites. A highly engaging website with vivid design contributes significantly to a business's success. In this article, we explored the top proven method to conduct a UX review to eliminate business growth stagnation and low engagement.

A quality website is one that is helpful, practical, easy to use and keeps your users engaged. If your website performance is down and the online business growth is not as expected, UX audit is the way to recognize loopholes. There are various other reasons why digital products need UX review, but your application being stagnant is the top one. Again, there may be many things to explore; understanding user experience or conducting a user experience audit is the first step ahead. Even though you can perform a UX audit at any stage, such as when redesigning or updating and even periodic UX audits, conducting UX reviews when you realize your website does not deliver a cohesive experience is the right time.

In this article, we shall explore the following points;

  • What is UX Audit or UX Review
  • How to Conduct a UX Audit or UX Review

Let's explore these points in detail

What is a UX Audit or UX Review

A UX audit is when companies conduct an assessment of their website to review its performance, usability, and user experience. The website's UX audit is conducted at any stage of the product development lifecycle. It can be periodic or when there's any performance issue. With UI UX Audit Services, businesses can identify website issues, such as existing user journeys or actionable areas of improvement. It's crucial to ensure your website is functioning without any severe problems.

How to Conduct a UX Audit or UX Review

Now that you know whether it is the right time to accomplish a UX and UI audit for your digital product, the next concern is how to conduct it. You do not need to hold out anymore since TheFinch Design has wrapped up the product auditing step. Discover below how to do a UX audit:

Recognize Business Objectives

To begin, you must thoroughly establish the business objectives. Business objectives are crucial to setting and measuring project progress and achieving desired goals. It helps businesses adjust plans and set new goals. For UX audit and review, setting or recognizing your business goals is as crucial as conducting the UX audit itself. You must know why you are doing it. What area do you want to evaluate? They are crucial. What does the organization do, and what is the goal of the product? Here are some points to note;

  • Discuss what goal you want to achieve
  • Create a roadmap for the UX audit process
  • What problems are you going to solve
  • Look at the feedback and data you have already received from customers
  • Talk to stakeholders like your managers, designers, and developers, and discuss objectives in detail

Create User Personas

Creating a user persona is beneficial to provide better services. You can design and build your users' desired products with user persona. Then, figure out who the users are. Determine which demographic they belong to. Find out everything about their goals, behaviors, motives, and frustrations.

Steps to create a user persona:

  • Gather data
  • Conduct user research
  • Analyze behavioral patterns
  • Collect and segment data

Here's an example of a user persona;

  • Persona Name
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Demographics
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Pain Points and Challenges
  • Behaviors and Habits
  • Technology Usage
  • Attitudes and Values
  • How They Interact with Your Product
  • Additional Notes

Do Algorithm Analysis

The digital products must meet specific usability audit standards to provide a pleasant user experience to users visiting your website. Evaluate the algorithm's performance. A heuristic evaluation based on pre-established criteria should be included in your UX audit checklist.
Basically, there are three main types of algorithm analysis;

  • Best case
  • Average case
  • Worst case

The analysis is conducted based on space and time complexity. It can also be the method of assessing the product design against design principles.

Recognize Metrics

Website and mobile analytics can provide a wealth of information about how users engage with a product. For website audits report, tools such as Google Analytics and CrazyEgg can be used to determine who is viewing the site and how they interact with it. These tools are crucial to help you understand the attitudinal metrics. You will understand how users interact with your website. Here are some of the top matrices you need to understand;

  • Customer satisfaction ratio
  • Customer effort score
  • Knowing system usability score
  • Understanding customer churn rate
  • Examining customer retention rates
  • Cart abandonment

Deliver the Report

After conducting the UX audit, you need to gather all the information and do an overall evaluation test. Create detailed reports siting central to minor issues and what areas need improvements. In other words, all of the factors need to come together at this point to create a UX audit report and recommendations. Gather and arrange what expertise and insight you acquired by following the prior steps. This study explains the primary issues and how the product is used.

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Final Thoughts

This article explains how to conduct a UX audit for your website design. Explore, analyze, and approach the right UI/UX design agency to help you tweak or create added UI and UX for your website. We at TheFinch Design deliver best-in-class UX design services. We are a team of dedicated designers who work on the UI/UX part. We design uniquely, keeping the trends, niches, and other stuff in mind. Connect with us now.


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