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Total HinduYuva Community Website UI UX Overhaul

Hindu YUVA is a non-profit student organization spread throughout the United States across college campuses that preserves, practices and promotes Hindu cultural values on the campus. In addition, they organize various activities and events which include yoga, sewa - community service, camps, workshops, and more to find and work with inspired Hindu youth.

  • IndustrySocial and Community
  • Duration2 Months
  • ServiceUX/UI Design
  • PlatformWeb App
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The existing website in place at the time need a major overhaul. The User Interface was poor with several issues related to vague navigation and structure of the website. In addition, it failed to engage today’s young tech-savvy youth that heavily relied on tech interfaces. In addition, poor quality of textured images and unconvincing layout of the webpages failed to convey the brand values of the HinduYuva organization as a whole. Moreover, the poor color contrast ratio caused eye fatigue while also leading to accessibility issues for those with a poor eyesight. The content too had been poorly prioritized and was unnecessarily lengthy which made it difficult for viewers to seek the information they visited the website for.

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After a thorough blueprinting of the overhaul needed and identifying the opportunity areas for our client, we planned a thorough blueprint of the solutions we implemented. This included:

Restructuring Navigation: The navigation was redesigned to enhance visibility and ease of access. Clear and intuitive menus and submenus were implemented to enable users to find information quickly and effortlessly.

Clean and Minimal Design: We created a clean and minimal design system to enhance aesthetics and user experience for a clutter-free design that allowed superior focus on the messaging with improved readability and retention.

Redefining Brand Colors: We introduced a new color scheme was introduced to inspire and resonate with the youth. The redesigned website utilized vibrant and appealing colors that aligned with contemporary design trends while maintaining the essence of Hindu culture

Highlighting Community: The homepage of the website prominently showcased the core ethos of the Hindu Yuva community. This communicated a sense of inclusion and a feeling of belonging inviting visitors to join and contribute by emphasizing the organization’s achievements and the positive impact it has on the youth.

Streamlined UI Design: Our aim was to prioritize visual appeal that dazzled visitors at first sight without overwhelming them. The website was thus incorporated with the latest design trends to create a fresh and modern interface.

& Impact

The redesigned website featured a major UI UX overhaul in terms of both the aesthetics and the functionality. As a result, the client began to notice greater visits and footfalls in the short term itself.

In addition:

Superior User Experience: Restructured navigation and clean design led to a superior user experience that engaged visitors for longer sessions as they were able to find and explore what they needed with relative ease.

Greater Visual Appeal : The new color scheme and streamlined UI design greatly balanced with aesthetics that had the right color contrast ratios significantly reduced user fatigue fostering more brand engagement.

Increased User Engagement: Longer sessions on the website led to increased brand recall value and messaging retention in the users. This increased user engagement in turn increasing the conversion rate of volunteers joining.

Clear Communication of Goals : The redesigned website structure eneusred that the HinduYuva Community’s purpose and goals were clearly communicated to the visitors eliminating confusion and positively influencing user perception.

Improved Product Visibility: After implementing a clutter free superior quality clean design Hindu Yuva merchandise and products got better visibility opening up avenues of an untapped revenue stream for the organization.


The successful revamping and overhaul of the Hindu Yuva website eliminated their existing challenges and significantly improved core message retention and brand recall value thanks to a clean and minimal design. In addition, improved navigation and vibrant colors enhanced the user experience, increased engagement. The messaging was distinctly and clearly communicated. Owing to this overhaul, the community is seeing far more engagement and response from their target audience for promoting Hindu Dharma and inspiring the youth to actively participate in the Hindu Yuva community across college campuses in the US.

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