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Digitizing Emirates Facilities LLC’s Home Finch & Blue Finch B2B & B2C Platforms

With over 15 years of experience, our client, Emirates Facilities LLC, Dubai, is a leading fitout, renovation and shopfitting company in the UAE. They routinely work with tenants, landlords, serviced office space providers and business owners to deliver best-in-class imaginative environments, operating in Dubai and across the UAE.At TheFinch Design, we implemented HomeFinch and BlueFinch, B2B and B2C platforms, respectively, owned and managed by Emirates Facilities LLC. The project aimed to digitize the service experience for customers and streamline operations for service providers. The primary goal was to provide end-to-end customer service solutions through mobile apps and landing pages.

  • IndustryService
  • Duration6-7 Months
  • ServiceProduct Design
  • PlatformMobile & Web App
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The client desired a seamless user experience for both B2B and B2C customers keeping brand coherence consistent throughout. In the customer mobile app, user-friendly navigation and an intuitive way to report problems was critical. On the other hand, the B2B service technician app posed greater complexity due to multiple workflows such as online inspections and quotation generation. Additionally, inventory management lay at the core of the process as the client had two separate inventories: warehouses and small inventory within technician vans.

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After thorough shadowing of the client’s processes, workflows and business objectives, we proposed creating two separate applications. Here is how we effectively solved the client’s burning challenges:

Mobile Apps: Two mobile apps were developed wherein each catered to specific audience – customers and technicians. Using separate automated workflows and intuitive design, the customer app allowed users to report home-related problems while the service technician app enabled technicians to receive and address service requests efficiently.

Streamlined Reporting: The customer app provided an easy and effective way for users to report issues. These report logs could be further harnessed for data intelligence and insights. In addition, technician tasks and performance could be easily tracked and logged getting total visibility in customer service delivery.

Comprehensive Service Solutions: The technician app offered a range of features to provide effective solutions to customer requests. This included conducting online inspections, generating quotations based on the inspections, and managing inventory. In fact they could access two separate inventories: the van inventory and the main warehouses. In case of missing or additional parts, technicians could request them from another technicians’ team or the main warehouses, respectively.

Web Portal for B2B Customers: A web portal was developed specifically for B2B customers. They could utilize this portal to request multiple enterprise services and solutions. The system facilitated flexible payment options, allowing B2B customers to choose monthly or quarterly billing cycles according to their preferences

Priority Service for B2B Customers: B2B customers received additional advantages through the platform. They were granted high priority for their bookings, ensuring prompt attention to their urgent needs

& Results

After the implementation of HomeFinch (B2C smartphone) and BlueFinch (B2B Web) applications, our client immediately noticed marked improvement in the overall visibility and efficiency of their existing operations. Some of these include:

• Enhanced customer service experience: The intuitive and user-friendly interfaces of the mobile apps and web portal improved the overall customer experience. Customers could effortlessly report problems and receive timely solutions

• Increased efficiency for technicians: The technician app streamlined & automated complex service workflows allowing technicians to handle inspections, quotations and inventory management efficiently. This resulted in improved productivity, inventory transparency and faster response times.

• Seamless B2B operations: The web portal provided B2B customers with a centralized platform to request multiple services. The flexible billing options simplified financial processes and ensured added convenience.

• Improved inventory management: The platform facilitated seamless inventory management by enabling technicians to request parts from other teams or the main warehouses. This helped optimize resources and minimize delays caused by inventory shortages while retaining transparency in inventory management.


The pace of task assignment and service delivery showed marked improvement by nearly 2.5x shortly after implementation and change management. The service experience for both B2B and B2C customers improved greatly. Supported by user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive service solutions, and automated efficient workflows – the client noticed improved customer satisfaction, greater technician productivity and superior operational efficiency. Through seamless integration of mobile apps, landing pages and web portals – we were able to achieve the end-to-end digitization of the entire customer service transforming traditional service delivery into a modern and efficient process.

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